Evolutionary Applications

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    Evolutionary Origins of Invasive Populations
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    Evolutionary Shifts during Habitat Invasions
    (& Ev
    olutionary Genetics of Eurytemora affinis populations)

    Speciation, Systematics, and Morphological Evolution

    Zebra and Quagga Mussel Invasions

    Miscellaneous Topics
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    Edited Volumes

    • Lee, CE.  2014.  Genetics and genomics of adaptation in response to environmental stress. Evolution (Speciation Section) Volume 68.

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    Selected Publications of Graduate Student Publications funded by LEE Grants

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    • Gulisija D**, and Y Kim.  In Prep.  Evolution of multi-locus adaptive fitness oscillations under heterogeneous cyclic selection. To be submitted to Evolution

    • Gulisija D**, Y Kim, and JB Plotkin. 2016. Phenotypic plasticity promotes balanced polymorphism in periodic environments by a genomic storage effect. Genetics, Online Early

    • Peyer, SM**, JC Hermanson. In Prep. Inverse characterization of the lift and drag coefficients of zebra and quagga mussels.

    • Gulisija D**, and Y Kim.  2015.  Emergence of long-term balanced polymorphism under cyclic selection of spatially variable magnitude. Evolution. 69:979-992.

    • Kim, Y, D Gulisija**. 2010. Signatures of genetic hitchhiking under different models of population expansion during colonization of new selective environments. Genetics. 184:571-585.

    • Gulisija, D**, JF Crow. 2007. Inferring purging from pedigree data. Evolution. 61:1043-1051.

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    • Chung, M**, GW Gelembiuk**, TJ Givnish. 2004. Population genetics and phylogeography of endangered Oxytropis campestris var. chartacea and relatives: Arctic-alpine disjuncts in eastern North America. Molecular Ecology. 13:3657-3673.